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What perspective are you looking at in your life?

You are Enough!

Also know that you aren’t made to be able to do it all!

Take a break! (Not when you have time, that won’t happen)

Notice the beauty around you, and look at it with curiosity.

Let’s PAUSE! Knowing your next breath of air is a gift from God!

We all have so much to be greatfull for. (Name yours)

We get to choose our days perspective! (You looking for someone to bring you down, or are you looking for someone you can bring a smile to)

Choosing to listen to every word people say, and all the news .. you are choosing to embrace fear and let the world suck you in. (Close your ears to the world…… no amount of preparation will ever be enough! God has your time in place)

We may not like what choices we have to pick between but again, it’s a choice! (We get to voice our thoughts and opinions ! Wow!)

Don’t become a victim to this world! Embrace you, and who you are called to be, and look and live different! You don’t need to live life like society says!

If anything, I’m finding more and more, the way Jesus is showing us, is everything that matters and will outlast this life is counterculture!!!

BE BOLD! LOVE THE STRANGER INSTEAD OF FEAR #letgoofbeingright #knowyoumakeadifference #whatyouthink #youcanbethechangethwworldneeds REMEMBER that at the name of JESUS even the demons shudder!!!! THAT IS THE SAME SPIRIT THAT LIVES IN US!! WHEN you choose to follow JESUS!

It raised JESUS from the GRAVE! I PRAY today you will walk with the confidence in Jesus knowing you are HIS and let FEAR of this world and unknown fade! Knowing HE has got this day before you!

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