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Personal Insight Post

What a great week of REST! (thoughts of thankfulness)

  • Mornings spent at edge of dock and seeing all God has to show me( having no human sound but, only chirping of bird or fish jumping for food. The lake is so smooth that each fish movement makes ripples on the lake. Then the dazzling diamonds on the lake. How breathtaking! I LOVE that GOD desires to Delight me and for me to be in awe! I can imagine him being so excited!

  • The book LOVE DOES has been so inspiring

  • I think my husband loves to hear the sound of my laugh especially when it’s a belly laugh. I see him smirk and then I just have to share so we can laugh together:)

  • Laughter is so nice ... even as I think of some of his stories they still make me smile!

  • I got to take my inspiring morning runs

  • Listening to : scars, bones, different, surrender, almost home, finish line and it’s going to be okay , just to name a few of the songs

  • I journaled my thanks and prayers and what I’m learning

  • I feel I saw a lot of new areas to work on, and more things to let go of control

  • I post this because it really is true that embracing the rest we are called to and to let God delight me really did fill my cup! I hope you can find a place , and let God give you rest , and delight you!

I am so full of joy, and in the past joy would last for a couple minutes before the sick feeling of something bad is going to happen! I was never able to hold onto joy .. was so discouraged that this was my life. I would not be able to keep joy but only for moments until it was stolen away by my negative mind. I never understood how people could have happiness and joy. I lived in constant fear of needing to control outcome so that I new I was safe and those around me were safe!

I am so excited to share the tools I have used to help me arrive at this. It’s only taken 40 some odd years to know I can be happy , and full, and have peace that surpasses understanding! I know I am Enough because of who’s daughter I am! I know I don’t need to arrive because I never will until my journey here is done! I understand that life is full of waves and I am learning to ride them a little more

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