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People Pleasing

Updated: Jun 7

People Pleasing … We all fall into this category at one time or another! The goal is to recognize when you do it . Then to acknowledge it , stop, and change direction.

It will not be easy because, we allowed ourselves to take on this role. Its taking your joy, by letting other people form who you are. It’s also very tiring to think that one day” You” will finally please that person and make them happy!

This isn’t your job! Beth Moore would say “duck and move out of the way, so God can do His job”, your in the way.

It’s not yours! You will fail at trying to fill a hole in someone’s heart, every single time! Pause , and recognize what new perspective you need to take?

You were created to be you! Not someone to please everyone!

ALSO... NEWS FLASH! The grass is not greener on the other side! Also, no one has it all together perfect! If you think so you have been fooled! We all have struggles, most people only see the iceberg tip , we all have so much more than what others can see.

Be full of Love, give grace abundantly, and let Joy bubble over in you!! #beintheday

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