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Kess enjoys visiting and networking with mental health facilities and centers of all kinds, churches, and other non-profit organizations with the goal of teaching their staff and clients the SEEDS for Change method so they can also experience that permanent rewiring in their brains and hearts and change. This is change they are not only seeking... but sometimes are so desperately needing. ​

Learn more about the organizations that have worked with Kess and have actively incorporated the SEEDS for Change method and into their programs!  


Lifespring Shelter & Restoration for Women

Long-term safe shelter transition for women and their children who have lost housing due to addditions, abuse, financial crisis, or need a safe place to start a new begenning centered on Christ and healing.

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Safe Families

Invites the community to be radical supporters of time and genersosity. Children are placed in homes while parents are getting support needed in areas of life to restore a safe enviroment for the children. These homes where children are placed the familiy, gives of generosity of time andmoney, they are not paid. Theses children are loved unconditionally as parents are healing and we support parents as they journey this path of healing. We become the extended family.

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Program Perks

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Yoga Fit for Warriors (PTSD)- focus on slower movements to release stored trauma, breathing exercises, meditation to be in the moment, and specific PSTD techniques to encourage healing.

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Over a decade of Certified Personal Training experience with clients from all fitness levels from children to the aging clients. 

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 Certified TACTIX-Martial arts fitness to help the everyday workout be more challenging and fun. Enjoy punching and kicking bags while doing Hitt workouts.


Products for self-care of face and body.


Products for a more balanced nutrition.


Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Certified with NESTA

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